Wildstone is environmental conscious in every decision we make. We believe that companies need to be responsible for the waste they produce and they should actively try to reduce how much waste is taken to local landfills.  This philosophy led us to developing Wildstone Environmental Ltd, a company that practices what we preach.

Wildstone Environmental operates the RDOS Okanagan Falls landfill and has built the Okanagan’s first construction waste diversion program.  Wildstone can divert as much as 90% of construction waste from the face of local landfills. Due to the sensitivity of this technology and process, we are unable to provide specifics, however we can tell you that we are very proud to be a green and environmentally conscientious company. 

We also are proud to be under Contract with RDOS for the regional wood grinding operations.  We operate a large array of specific grinding equipment, including a Diamond Z, 1000HP Tub grinder with containment shielding.

Safety is NO Accident