Quality Assurance

Wildstone will provide its clients with quality, innovative and cost effective construction and engineering solutions for their projects. Wildstone shall ensure that all items either constructed by Wildstone or that of its subcontractors and suppliers shall meet the project quality requirements. 

Wildstone has established procedures based on ISO 9001 and is dedicated to continuous improvement. The Wildstone management team is responsible for the quality of the work performed by Wildstone's own forces, its subcontractors and suppliers.

It is the policy of Wildstone that all components of construction shall be performed in accordance with the requirements of the Owner's Contract Specifications, the approved drawings and the implementation of a Project Plan specifically tailored to suit each project. This is how we get it right.

Wildstone's objectives can be summarized to the following: To complete the project right the first time, on schedule and ensure quality workmanship at all stages of the project through the utilization of a Quality Control Program. We provide our clients with quality products and services that conform to the applicable contract requirements, rules and regulations, whether supplied directly, through subcontractors or the Owner.

Safety is NO Accident