Contract Types

As a diverse builder, we recognize that every project and client is different.  Wildstone can provide its delivery services in any of the formats listed below:

Lump Sum or Stipulated Price

A fixed price delivery for a well-defined scope.  Generally used when a project is completely designed and all aspects can be estimated.

Unit Price

Used when the total price may fluctuate due to uncertain quantities or quantities which cannot be estimated to absolute certainty.  This method is primarily used in civil and earthworks/site services contracts.

Cost Plus/Reimbursable

An open book contract in which the contractor is paid a % fee on top of direct costs for all expenses.  Ideal for projects when the design is not complete or when the Owner may wish to make periodic changes during the course of the build. 

Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)

A form of cost plus Contract in which a contractor is paid a fixed fee or percentage over direct project costs with a maximum upset price.  The Contractor takes the risk on any costs over this GMP with the exception of approved change orders.

Custom or Hybrid Contracts

Wildstone can tailor any combination of the above to suit an Owner’s requirements.  This can include varying fee compensation, performance or penalty milestones , financing arrangements and even property procurement and development.   If it’s your dream, we believe you should build it the way you prefer.

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