Pre-Construction Services

Arguably the most critical time of any project as cost, schedule and constructability decisions are all made at this stage.  It is generally defined as the period from a project’s inception until the time work physically starts at site.

By using the pre-construction services of an experienced builder, you are getting the valuable input of an organization who builds to a defined budget, every time.  The value added to any project includes:

Estimating and Budgeting

Wildstone can custom build estimates to suit any financing requirements, including all classes of estimates and project life cycle costs.

Value Engineering

It is our job to provide you with smart, honest advice.  This includes alternate building approaches, alternate materials, salability and COST SAVINGS!  In reviewing your design and collaborating with the entire project and design team at the start, we can give you the most critical advice you need, when you need it most.


Wildstone will provide you with detailed and realistic schedules in any format you require (Gaant, tracking gaant, critical path and more).  Our expert Project Managers can provide you with cash flow forecasts which tie to both your construction and financing schedules.

Risk Management

A very broad term, as this can include safety, quality, budget control, scope control and schedule control.  We have developed specific policies and procedures which were built to identify, reduce and manage project risks.


Wildstone can offer valuable advice on all levels of procurement not limited to: materials, equipment, freight, design fees, commissioning services and subtrade scopes.  

Safety is NO Accident