Over the past 15 years, Wildstone has developed a strong background in environmental permitting and monitoring for forest road and mining projects. These projects have ranged in scope from monitoring the installation of culverts on fish streams, to coordinating the environmental permit acquisition for major resource development projects.

Our first significant environmental monitoring project in 1991 was providing the Environmental Supervisor for the Eskay Branch Road, a 65-km mining access road located in northwest BC. In 1996, Wildstone acted as the Environment Supervisor for the Kemess South gold/copper project in north central BC. This project involved developing the terms of reference for environmental monitoring; acquiring environmental permits; First Nations and community consultation; developing and training for the General Mitigation Plan and monitoring compliance with provincial and federal statutes. Since 1996, Wildstone has been working with Whitegold Resource Corp. in the production of a full feasibility study and environmental permit acquisition for a wollastonite mine near the Iskut River.

Of Wildstone's 900 projects completed to date, 155 have involved environmental monitoring to some degree. Wildstone specializes in projects where the protection of fish and fish habitat is required. Wildstone is currently the environmental monitor on several major Ministry of Transportation highway projects.

Environmental Engineering

Wildstone's environmental investigations are conducted by professional engineers. The following services are provided:

  • Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI), Phase 1 and 2's.
  • Detailed Site Investigations (DSI).
  • Site remediation programs.

All investigations are completed according to provincial guidelines and standards as set forth in Contaminated Site Regulation (April 1, 1997) and the Environmental Management Act (July 8, 2004). Wildstone has never had an environmental assessment conclusion contested or reversed by a government agency.

Safety is NO Accident